Unclogging and cleaning

Unclogging and cleaning


A clogged toilet drain, sink, rainwater drain or other sewer pipe? At Lamers Rioolreiniging you have come to the right place for unclogging and/or cleaning your drains. With modern equipment and experienced technicians, the blockage can be solved in a professional manner.

Questions about unclogging your drain(s)? Feel free to contact us.


You have also come to the right place at Lamers Rioolreiniging for the thorough cleaning of drains. Think of drains that have been contaminated over the years by, among other things, urine and scale or drains that turn out to be contaminated after completion of work.

Street gullies and line gutters
Road dirt, sand and fallen leaves can impede the smooth drainage of rainwater. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly empty street and pavement gullies and line gutters. With our gully suction dredgers we remove all sludge and dirt from the gully and line gutter.

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